Friday, August 5, 2011

...and so it begins!

So, for those of that know me, and for those of you that don't..I have ALWAYS been obsessed with taking pictures! It has been a long time dream of mine to be a photographer, and I am finally in the process of making that dream come true. I am obviously no where near "professional" yet, but I am taking steps in that direction. Jamie Lynn Photography has been kind enough to sit down with me, and answer so many of my questions, and has passed along a ton of knowledge! I am so grateful for her help, she is such a talented photographer, kind person, has built a booming business and like myself, she is a military wife! Thank you Jamie for all of your help:)

Beautiful Life Photography is going to be a dream come true for me *I can feel it*! I am studying, practicing, and learning...and soon very soon, my business will be up and running! I have decided to blog about my learning experience, share tips, and hopefully gain some willing models to let me practice on:)

I will post pictures that I have taken along the way...and hopefully they will continue to get better and better!

FRIENDS AND FAMILY~ I want to say thank you! I have had so many of you compliment my photos and encourage me so much! It is because of you that I am finally doing this! I ask for your continued support as I begin the process...please follow my blog and pass it along:) Maybe by the time I am ready to "Open for business" I will already have a decent following! Love you all:)

God Bless,
Ashley Galloway


  1. So happy for you Ashley!!! You are truly talented with pictures!! You have such an amazing way of enhancing memories and making things beautiful. I'm so excited for you and this new journey!! I will help you in any way I can!! Love you friend:)